Hate me . I really won't care either way . There's nothing you can do that will break me apart . Nothing you can do to shelter to pieces. Oh , no I'm too smart for that . I know all the lines , all the looks . I know all the fakes , all the liars . I know all the gruesome tales , all the right guys . I know all about you and that all . That lust . Reverberating out of your eyes when they see a skinny body . Yes , i know all about your scheming and your lies . And you're
not going to use them on me .

A kiss is just a kiss till you find the one you love . Hug is just a hug till its the one your thinking of . Dream is just a dream till you make it come true . Love is just a words till its proven to you .

Without Humor , Life Sucks :
Without Courage , Life is Hard :
Without Love , Life is Hopeless :
Without Friends like u , Life is Impossible .


You are resourceful and opinionated . Some men may dislike your take charge attitude . . . but you just say screw em . . . You are your own women.

You appeal independent .

Comfort on difficult days . This is my wish for you . Rainbows to follow the clouds . Smile when sadness intrudes . Faith so that you can believe . Sunsets to warm your heart . Laughter to kiss your lips . Courage to know yourself . When spirits sag hugs . Patience to accept the truth . Beauty for you eyes to see . Confidence for when you doubt . Friendships to brigten . You being love to complete your life .

Happiness is like a butterfly : The more you chase it , the more it will elude you but if you turn your attention to other things , it will come and sit softly on your shoulder .

problem ?

Don't juge me .
You don't have the right to .
You don't know what i've been through .
You don't know what i've felt
or what i feel right now
so find something better
to do with your time
then judge someone
you know nothing about .


someday everything will all make perfect sense
so for now ,
laugh at the confusion
smile through the tears
and keep reminding youself
that everything happens for a reason . . .

believe in me =))

always believe in you
listen to you heart
trust your instincts
know you can ,
see you own strengths
dream it !
dare it !
do what you are afraid of
keep the faith
follow your vision
remember anything is possible
if only you BELIEVE . . .


never take a person for granted
hold every person close to your heart
cause you might wake up pne day and
realise that you're lost a diamond
while you were to busy collecting stone

i am

i am nowhere near perfect
i eat when i am bored
i fall for boys easily
i m runerable to believing lies
i m hoping that one day
i wont need a fake smile
i live by quotes that explain exactly what
i am going through
i make up excuses for everything
i have best friends and enemies
i have drama and memories
and thats life
live it , love it . . . . . learn from it !

Life. .

as we grow up , we learn that even the one person that wasn't suppored to let us down probably will you'll have you heart broken , probably more than once , and it's harder every time . You'll break heart too , so remember how it felt when someone broke yours .
You'll fight with your best friend and maybe even fall in love with them . You'll blame a new love for things an old one did . You'll cry because time is passing to fast and you'll eventually lose someone close to you . So take too many pictures , laugh too much and love like you've never been hurt because every 60 seconds you spend angry or upset is a minute of happiness you'll never get back .


someday you'll cry for me
like i cried for you
someday you'll miss me
like i missed you
someday you'll need me
like i needed you
someday you'll love me
but i wont love you

thanks ALLAH

i asked for strength
and Allah gave me difficulties to make me strong
i asked for wisdom
and Allah gave me problems to solve
i asked for prosperity
and Allah gave me brain and energy to work
i asked for courage
and allah gave me danger to overcome
i asked for love
and Allah gave me troable people to help
i asked for favors
and Allah gave me opportinities
i received nothing i wanted
but i received everything i needed


good luck i wish for u .
belajar la rajin-rajin ye tan .
jangan malas-malas .
have to berdikari after this .
no mom , daddy , sister and anak buah oke .
jangan jadi ngokngek kat sane .

Life is to Short .

life is to short ,
grudges are a waste of perfect happiness ,
laugh when you can ,
apologize when you should ,
and let go of what you can't change ,
love deeply and forgive quickly ,
take chances ,
give everything and have no regrets .

life is to short,
to be unhappy ,
you have to take the good with the bad ,
smile when you're sad ,
love what you got and always remember what you had .
always forgive but never forget ,
learn from your mistakes but never regret ,
people change ,
and thing go wrong but always remember ,

embarrassing episode

embarrassing ! !.
i feel so stupid yesterday .
i hate that situation .
thanks Allah coz it only on the phone .
if not .
i dont know what to do .
i overcome with dont think about it .
but today want i wake up .
i just feel like yesterday .
what must i do ?
to forget the embarrassing episode .

spirit !

don't make Promise when you are in Joy ,
don't Reply when you are Sad ,
don't make Decision when you are Angry ,
think Twice act Wise .

Let It gO

let it go . . .
dont think to much .
just think about ur self .
ur study .
ur live .
ur future .
make it bright .
make It !
be brave .
u can do it !


hati terasa jauh .
jauh sangat .
tak tahu hati ini di mana .
harus aku jalani dengan tabah .
redha .
bukan bermakna putus asa .
tu lebih baik .
dari aku memikirkan yang x perlu aku fikirkan .
tabah la wahai hati .
rezeki di mana- mana .
harus kuat terima dugaan dariNya .
peace !